District Public Image Chair - Rita Gordon


Rita Gordon is a member of the Pt. West Rotary Club and Public Image Chair for the District. Rita started off her talk mentioning that the primary goal of P.I. is to make sure the Club get's credit for what it does. Members should have an awareness of the Club activities. The Carmichael Club is the right size (30s-40-s) so that all can know what's going on. The Club should want activities to be in the media, like by having a newsletter, to be on Facebook, website, and Instagram. 
Also it's a good idea that when you are sharing about an activity that you use your Facebook announcement to "share with the public" so it gets out to a wide audience. Reach out to other P.I. professionals in Rotary - they will help you.
It's a good idea to have a display that you can use at Chamber of Commerce events and other public events in the community. Rita's suggestion is to invite a community member to your projects and encourage members to wear your Rotary pins - in short to create awareness in your community.
Keep an updated website, perhaps post new things on it on certain day so that you don't forget and make sure that your Rotary image is in line with Rotary's official image - show Rotary's brand. Share your projects with local media by having a contact and writing a story about it.
Rita said that she is impressed by the many wonder activities of the Carmichael Club, the golf tournament where we have put so much money into Easter Seals and especially impressive is our Uganda Water Project which is so near to fruition, a real accomplishment of which you all can be proud. Rita suggested that Richard Olebe make a presentation at a future district conference and/or District Leadership Assembly.
Rita suggests having mixers with people in the community, tell them of your activities which will encourage more new members.
Rita outlined some resources that we might use for P.I.:
my.rotary.org ;  .zone2526.org ; .greatideastoshare.com ; and Rita's email is rita@dhfirerestoration.com
Pres. Dick further impressed Rita by noting that a book will be donated, in her name to the Carmichael Library. 
 Guest Mary Cate Gustafson- Quiett, Pres. Dick Bauer, Speaker Rita Gordon