Carmichael Rotary Volunteers help with the San Juan Unified School District Food Project. It happens on the last Wednesday of the month....
It is Carmichael Rotary Club's opportuunity to help out in the providing of food for the needy.
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This is the food distribution project at the San Juan District Unified School District's headquarters. It happens on the last Wednesday of each month. The morning crew (this time it was Jay & Vicky Boatwright, Stan Roe, and Walt Malhoski). They helped others set up the tables, shade and cones and barricades to delineate the vehicle paths. The volunteers filled 150 bags with pasta, beans, dry milk, onions, apples and a few canned goods. Other volunteers had already filled another 150. Morning crew was done. 
Dick and Kari Bauer helped out for the PM session where the food was distributed to the drive and walk ups.
Note the volunteers were not just us, which is good. The project only happens on the last Wednesday of the month.
Please consider signing up for this valuable ongoing project!
pics below: