the civil war

Above is Professor Doug Bonetti (left) displaying a Civil War officer's sword with President Dick Bauer (next right) and Members Troy Drennon and Tim Marques with period rifles. A tough looking bunch of dudes!
Professor Doug Bonetti has a passion for the history of the civil war and we were fortunate to have Doug to share that passion with us. Doug gave a wonderful slide show all about the Civil war interspersed with little known and interesting trivia.......
Too much detail for this bulletin but did you know that during the civil war, we had the 1st national income tax (both sides)the first machine stitched shoes, the first woman surgeon in U.S. Military History - Mary Edwards Walker and the first time that a submarine sunk a ship. On February 17th, 1864, the Hunley sank the Housatonic? Also Doug mentionedthat 2 out of 3 fatalities were caused by disease - over 100,000 died mostly of dysentary and diarrhea due to the unsanitary conditions.
Doug is a retired professor who gives a course for the Renaissance Society - a wonderful place to continue to learn in your old age. A brochure is displayed below.
President Bauer proudly mentioned to Professor Bonetti that, in honor of his lecture, a book will be dedicated to the Carmichael library.
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District Governor Elect-Elect Ray Ward and President Dick Bauer