A Memorable District Conference - Chaired by Jay & Vicky Boatwright
 It was a "slick", very well organized District Conference. The chairs, our own Jay and Vicky Boatwright, were able to pull off a seamless, well organized and entertaining conference with great speakers and with many contributors. See "Read More" for more pictures and information.
It was a fun conference, below left is a picture of Adrienne Bankert, Emmy-award winning journalist, on the MS Dixie, and right is 7 of the 10 representatives of the Carmichael Club. Phil and Katha Danz, Walter Malhoski, Richard and Margaret Olebe, Dick Bauer, and David Thorman. Dana Newell is behind the camera (unseen). Other attendees were Stan and Nan Roe.
Above left is Dana Newell, Ralph Carhart, Phil Danz. Phil and Ralph were contemporary presidents for Foot-Hill Highlands and Fair Oaks in 2000-2001. Right is Vicky Boatwright (second from left) David, Dana and Adrienne.
Saturday cocktail reception and picture of the MS Dixie Boat which took Rotarians out onto a beautiful Lake Tahoe sunset dinner cruise. 
Above are the real Super Heros of the Conference, Chair persons, Jay and Vicky Boatwright, along with District Governor Desiree Wilson and many others.....