President  Dick Bauer opened the 17th Rotary meeting of the 2021-2022 year in the Zoom format. He said that Alan Gallaway was going to be the speaker, but, because it has to be in Zoom - his presentation doesn't work with his accordion. Of course I would add that in the 10 or more years that I have been in the Carmichael Club, I HAVE NEVER seen Alan play the accordion. I have just seen him sit with it a while and extemporize. I wonder if he really knows how to play the darn thing!

However, clever Dick Bauer, had an interesting backup in mind, a presentation by Dr. Stephanie Bell Kelton Economist, of whom he heard while at a Renaissance Society lecture at Sac State. (See story further down in this newsletter)

"Thought designee" Heine Roikjer led the "Pledge of Allegiance", then read the "4 Way Test" and gave the following short but important "Thought for the Day":

"If you are not willing to learn, none can help you

If you are (willing to learn) no one can stop you."

Heine's wife Ramouna

Chuckles for the day: