Combining the Carmichael District with the Sacramento Urban Water District
Above: Jay Boatwright, Director, Sacramento Suburban Water District (SSWD), Cathy Lee, General Manager of the Carmichael Water District (CWD), Jeff Nelson, a Director of the C.W.D.(esteemed guest), Dan York, General Manager of the SSWD and George Abraham, President of the Carmichael Rotary Club.
We had a very informative presentation today, which was organized by P.P. and former member Jay  Boatwright, now a director of the Sacramento Suburban Water District. It was quite a germane subject (the proposed combining of the CWD and the SSWD to our contemporary issues like (merger of East Sac and Carmichael Rotary Clubs), and Rotary‚Äôs theme of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation for March.
Both GM Cathy Lee and GM Dan York commented on a comprehensive slide show about the merger and good and not so good effects of the proposal. Jeff Nelson, a Director of the C.W.D. also chimed in with tidbits of information.
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