Candidate for District Attorney, Sac County, Thien Ho
Thien Ho, our guest speaker today, gave a spell-binding presentation about his harrowing escape from Vietnam as a child, and also the story of the capture and prosecution of the Golden State Killer. In my opinion he rivalled the suspense and intensity of a Date Line TV show. Incidentally, he is now an Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney of Sac County and a candidate for the Chief District Attorney's office for Sacramento County. For more information, click on "read more" below.
Thien told the story of his escape as a child with his family from Vietnam when the South Vietnam regime collapsed and his family were hiding on a boat trying to escape. His father bluffed a North Vietnamese officer into letting them go. He went on to become a lawyer and Deputy District Attorney for Sacramento County. In 2018 there was a chance to prosecute Joseph DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer. Thien volunteered to take on the case and from there on gave us a detailed account of the many rapes and killings that DeAngelo committed - up and down the State in the late 70s and throughout the 80's. They found DNA evidence found at various crime sites and eventually, though a relatives DNA, suspected Joseph DeAngelo, a retired police officer. They got his DNA from his garbage surreptitiously from a tissue and it was a match of the DNA of the killer. DeAngelo eventually confessed. Thien said it was very rewarding to bring justice for the victims.
Thien said that he wants to foster, as District Attorney, a balanced approach to protect our communities, provide justice for victims, and ensure our system serves everyone equally. Info below: