Rich Plath - Getting to Know Him
We had the pleasure of having one of our long time members, Rich Plath in our "Getting to Know Him" series. He has been a significant force in the development of various properties around the Sacramento Areas - one that Rich speaks most fondly about is Gold River. To find out more - click on "Read More" below.
Rich came armed with a picture of the Gold River area before development. Rich was a project manager of the development of this area. He gave us a overview of the history of the projects in the area. Below, however, is a quintessential report of Rich's life written by esteemed member, Mark Urban as a 2x2 publication in the Nugget some time back:
Rich Plath is a very unassuming person.  But he is a person of significant achievement.
Born in March 1950.  Grew up in a small town, Danville, in rural Contra Costa County.  Was on offensive and defensive linemen for a very good San Ramon High School football team.
Graduated from UC Berkeley in 1972 with a degree in Business Administration. In the late 1970s, Rich got a job in the financial planning department of Natomas Company in San Francisco.  Natomas Company originally started in Sacramento during the Gold Rush Era, and had had extensive land holdings in this area.
In 1980, Natomas Company decided to develop the last of its land holdings, which became the Gold River project.  In 1981, Rich moved to Sacramento to work on that project and became the land development project manager.  He was responsible for securing the many permit approvals and for the physical development of the residential and commercial lots that comprise Gold River.  Rich is very modest about his work on Gold River.  But it is obvious that managing a project of that size and complexity requires, among other things, exceptional organizational and diplomatic skills.
After the Gold River project effort, Rich became a residential real estate broker with Lyons Real Estate.  A short time thereafter, Rich’s friend, Bill Baxter, invited him to join Carmichael Rotary.  Rich has served as club president and has been active in the club for more than 20 years.  Rich retired from the real estate business in 2012
Rich lives in Fair Oaks with his wife, Debby, who is a retired RN.  He has two daughters, a stepdaughter, and five grandchildren.  Rich and his wife enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren in the Bay Area, Ohio, and New York City.  They have also enjoyed travelling to several countries in Europe, especially Italy.
Rich’s is a passionate fly fisherman.  Most often, he fishes in the American River and Yuba River.  He has also fished in Mexico, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Montana, and Idaho.