Tom Thompson

P.D.G. Jim Thompson introduced his brother Tom. He said that Tom was into music for many years but now he has turned his interest into fine art restoration, and he has become quite an expert in the field.
Tom started a fascinating slide show showing various methods of art restoration (some pictures of these are below).
He said that art restoration can greatly increase the value of a painting. He uses his four senses in ascertaining the right fix. Smell is important - one painting he restored had been hanging in an Italian restaurant and smelled of cigarette smoke. Others will have mold or mildew or colors killed by sunlight. Tom showed us a painting that was torn and he added a patch of canvas to the back and repainted over it.
We also got advice on how to know the painting is not-genuine. Looking at the back of the painting, or at the pixels if it is a lithograph or print to see if it is just a computerized work. Some of the printed ones actually smell like ink and are black and shiny. Tom concluded by saying that he has passed his talent onto his son Jeff Thompson who is a good artist.
President Ed Bunting informed Tom that "in honor of his presentation", a book will be donated to the Carmichael Library.
more pics
(left) Tom Thompson at work,
(above) partially 
shaded painting needing to be cleaned 
(below left) artist Jeff Thompson at work.
(below) tools repairing back of painting.
 President Ed Bunting with guest Dr. Shyama 
 Two members with identical taste of shirts!
 Jay Boatwright and Alan Gallaway