Posted by Phil Danz
 we were able to make our second meeting of the year, with our new president Richard Olebe, as a field trip where some 22 members met at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, which is inside of the Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael. It was there that we were taken on an interesting Tour by Executive Director, Kent Anderson. Afterwards we ate dinner at the local Cantina Azteca restaurant. Click on “Read More” for more information.
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
It was a pretty hot day, so that, to our relief, Ex. Dir. Kent Anderson took us on an abbreviated tour. We were told of many of the new upcoming projects that EYNC is doing this year. For instance, the younger children's play area has been relocated near the front entrance of the preserve and expanded. A new cage for Rafters - open to the public was constructed by high school kids and in the book store, expansion and renovation will occur with new exhibits of animals  - a salmon exhibit and a larger outside porch area. What has impressed me is the areas of milkweed that will provide habitat for the Monarch Butterfly which (maybe partially thanks to our hard work planting milkweed there, a "hands on" project last year ) has increased the population of butterflies this year and of deposits of larvae on the milkweed plants. Photos below:
Go to to learn of all the fun that can be had by exploring the Nature Preserve
- the educational lectures, seeing the resident animals, the visitor center and the Nature Preserve itself!