It was a nice night, Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 and a goodly contingent of members and their guests showed up promptly at the entrance to the Sacramento Bee offices at 2100 "Q" Street - some 18 or so. We were met by Greg Saunders who is officially a "Loyalty Manager - West Region". McClachy established the Bee in 1857 and over the years they have earned 6 Pulitzer prizes. Their mascot "Scoopy the Bee" was invented by Disney 1943. We began on a fascinating tour of their main facilities there from top to bottom and saw where they write all the elements of the newspaper and put them together for the various regions (in the west and throughout the U.S.) to just about any city in our region - Fresno, Modesto, Grass Valley and on and on. It is a massive undertaking that goes on 24/7 and the printing of all their newspapers are right there in their headquarters and then shipped out all over with special editions for the many cities and localities.
I have below, photos of what the tour included; it took about 2 hours time. After the tour, we met at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" for dinner and fellowship. It was altogether, a very enjoyable evening. We must thank Karen Munsterman, Programs Director for wonderful outing.
 An old fashioned printing press - circa 1930s
Greg Saunders, Loyalty Manager -West Region - our Tour Guide
Modern Printing plates made out of aluminum
Giant roles of paper  - used for newspapers!
Lots of Ink - using 4 basic colors
The newspapers are assembled and sent out
Below -Celebration Dinner at the Old Spaghetti factory