So, it came to pass, that we did not have a speaker for our important April 30 meeting. Not to worry because we were treated to Part one of President Greg Herrera's trip to Japan. It is nice to know that this is just Part one and there are many other Parts to come with Greg's many photos in the future. Actually, it was a great presentation and we have Greg's thoughts about his trip in the following remarks:
"Here is a random (or maybe not so random) sampling of the slides presented last night for your review and editing.
Sarah (the spouse) and I were there a little over 2 weeks, to see Japan, learn of its culture and people, primarily with interest because our son Stephen has been working and living there for over nine months.  We have seen a wonderful transformation take place in our son and wanted to not only see him, but also to learn more of what his enthusiasm about Japan was all about.
I have written a brief mini-introduction…. 'Japan 2019' s part of a preparation for another audience, and it was a spontaneous presentation last night …. hope folks liked it.
Unfortunately for Carmichael Rotary, I have more slides and commentary that I may pull out of the hat as needed in the future.
What I have provided is a personal statement, Mt Fuji as seen from a Tokyo observation tower, Mt Fuji as seen from the bullet train, cherry blossoms as a 'super bloom' in April, young girls in kimonos in the park, me in the hotel provided kimono, a shrine in Kyoto, breakfast scene in the hotel (Japan Times!), typical lunch or dinner ($30.00 US), a sample of weird cafe street food that tastes good with enough sake and beer (yes that's rectum and uterus listed), a Tanuki ( the raccoon dog of Japan), an owl in the owl cafe (real and don’t touch), a bidet, a very common high tech fixture found everywhere- ('transformative'), and a real Tanuki (cute).”