It is one of the signature aspects of our Club that when we do a project, we all chip in and everybody contributes, not only just members, but past members, family and "friends" of our Club. This was certainly true of the 2016 Carmichael Crab Feed at La Sierra Community Center on Saturday night.
Auctioneer David Stone did his magic while the Sundance Kid provided great music and dancing.
Below are some pictures:
A Classy Event
Our Interact Club, helping with setup Some Jesuit baseball team members serving crab
Giants "World Series" rings for auction Happy Kitchen help!
A SUCCESSFUL CRAB FEED - President Ed Bunting

Great Crab feed, thank you to everyone for your help and participation.  As you know, the Rancho Cordova Rotary provided helpers for our event so we could break away and enjoy some crab.  Now Father John needs your help so we can return the favor on Saturday, February 20th.We open our doors at 6:00 pm and I would like four volunteers in the bars, two at ticket sales and four in the kitchen. The Kitchen crew really doesn't get started until 6:30. See you on February 20 St John Vianney church 10497 Coloma rd. Rancho Cordova
That's a total of 12 people to sign-up and help.  We had many that raised their hand the other night to volunteer, now we need you to officially sign up.  If you have questions please contact Father John Mangels at
Thank you,