Our own esteemed Assistant Governor, Jennifer Curtsinger, (LEFT) with her introduced District Governor Barbara Tracy. She told us that Barbara is a native Californian who was sort of a tomboy and played on the Boy’s softball team in school. She has made a career of teaching, as a math teacher, and then got into Administration and was principal of three different schools and  now even now gives free tutoring in math twice a week.
In her Rotary career, Barbara was President in 2007-2008, RYLA Chair and Assistant Governor for our District (5180) from 2011-2015, and now District Governor. She is married to Jim and has 3 kids and 2 grandchildren.
Barbara Tracy (PHOTO LEFT) said that she often travels with her husband Jim, and he is many things to her, administrative assistant, counselor, driver etc., so she has been trying to give him a title and people have suggested DOG, driver of the governor, or governor’s 1st Dude, or ESP, expert staff person, anyway he is an indispensable person to Barbara.
She went on to talk about R.I. President John Germ and going to the International Convention in Soul, Korea – and feeling the power of Rotary there with all the different people who were there from all over the world, all dedicated to Rotary. Hence we have her Theme for District 5180 “Feel the Power”.
Barbara mentioned that the International Convention will be in Atlanta Georgia next year, 2017 and that the Fair Oaks Club (I believe through Fred Rowe) and setting up a U.S. block of rooms – think about going, it will be fun and not that far away.
Barbara talked about Polio Plus and how we just about have polio exterminated and just recently she learned that 3 new cases popped up in Nigeria. Polio elimination is close but it still is a tough fight.
Now our District Governor turned to membership and talked about the District's new Passport Club. It is important to keep Rotarians who are too busy for regular membership, to be involved with Rotary. She mentioned the new Passport Club in which members only have to commit to 40 hours of community service per year. Passport members are anxious to give service to clubs that need them and they will help with your projects and may even choose your Club for their permanent club and become a member – be sure to use them
This is the 100th year anniversary of the founding of the R.I. Foundation which started in Atlanta with Arch Klumph.
Some dates to remember. On October 8th, 2016, there will be a seminar on the Foundation. October 22nd will be the District’s “Oscar Night at the Foundation Dinner”(see flyer further down in this newsletter) and on May 20th, 2017, R.I. President John Germ will be here in Sacramento (it is unusual for a R.I. president to visit).
Then there is the 100 year celebration project which PDG Bob Deering talked to the Club about a few weeks ago. It is about the establishment of a potentially large important project regarding Human Trafficking. This will be a big project for California and for prevention involving substantially girls from 11 to 13 years of age. The important purpose of the project will be to educate “at risk” children to avoid getting involved with prostitution and drugs. There will be established an “Assessment Center” which will coordinate various charitable groups into one center in Sacramento. Dignity Health will be involved and there will be reverse grants from other countries. Many of the children involved in Human Trafficking are from other countries.
Barbara said that all had a wonderful time at the District’s Family BBQ recently and hopes to continue with another BBQ next year. She said she hopes the picnics will encourage families to work together on projects.
Then, as one of her pleasant duties as District Governor, Barbara was pleased to give a special award to Dick Bauer for all of the “above and beyond” work that he has done for our Club in his 1st year as a member – very well deserved.
Barbara ended the presentation by showing a movie about the upcoming District Conference for next year (date) which will be in Santa Clara County just ½ mile away from Levi Stadium. It will be a lot of fun….
Last but not least Jim Tracy is heading up a “Zany photo” contest and contestants will have to get their pictures in by April 15th! No photo shopped pictures allowed.
President John Mangels thanked Barbara for her excellent and comprehensive presentation and that a book will be dedicated (in her honor)  to the Carmichael Library.
 left to right: A.G. Jennifer Curtsinger, D.G. Barbara Tracy, President John Mangels, Jim Tracy