ImageIf, perhaps, you are feeling "guilty" for not volunteering to help the Rancho Cordova Rotary Club on the occasion of their Crab Feed last Saturday night at St. John Vianney's Church Hall (in order to return the favor of having them help us with our Crab Feed) - DON'T because eight gifted and hard working people - your peers - did show up and handled their tasks easily....

It can not be stated any better than Walter Malhoski's assessment below:

"If I counted everyone; here is listing of the Image"Rancho Helpers".  Jeff T. at the stove; Vince I and Walt M at the Ceasars salad & Pasta; Phil D. at Salads and cheezer for salads and pasta; Stan R., Jay S,. A. Felix. as "crabbers" and D. Moffett as a "crabber" and "bar tender". Sorry if any person or job description was overlooked. Corrections and amplifications in future bulletins.  Many thanks to all for a job well done!"

Ranch Cordova put on a very nice Crab Feed with about 470 people who attended.