We were indeed fortunate to have as our speaker, Rachael Taylor, the new CEO of the Carmichael Improvement District Association (CID). Rachael is a native of Paradise, California and has had the misfortune of seeing her childhood home and parents home destroyed in the recent devastating fire. She is a past Rotarian from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She got the opportunity to become a leader of a District in the Sacramento area and jumped at the chance. Rachael has gone through the experience of losing a business and doesn't want anyone to lose their business again.
Rachael mentioned the law passed in 1994 - AB-1381 which authorized cities to form property and business improvement districts for the purpose of levying assessments within a business improvement area (PBID). The CID auspices includes the crossroads of Fair Oaks and Manzinita to Jan Drive and sides streets Ingle, Sutter etc.
The various property owners pay assessments that remit back to CID, money is with-held to provide security and maintenance - and provide vitality to the community by insuring a clean welcoming environment for shoppers in the area.
The Paladin Security Company has been hired to be "eyes" on the ground, taking care of small detail, can order notice of trespassers on a 24/7 basis. They make sure that trash is picked up, there are clean roads free of graffiti and generally to keep the business areas looking clean.
The Carmichael Improvement District works closely with the Sheriff's Dept. and Churches to help provide housing for the homeless by using a "navigator" - an individual who will meet with homeless people and try to get them into housing by connecting them with various agencies. The Dept. of Transportation will complete Phase 3 - making improvements on Fair Oaks Boulevard from north of Marconi Ave. to Landis Ave. Please don't get in the way of shoppers during this construction phase.
CID has a new Brand which is not on the Brochure below yet.  To find out more about the Carmichael Improvement District go to: https://www.discovercarmichael.com
President Vicky pleasantly surprised Rachael by telling her that a book, in her name, will be donated to the Carmichael Library (Sacramento Public Library)
In addition, we were honored by the visit of 2019 - 2020 Citrus Heights Rotary Club President  Julie DePrada-Schott who attended in support of our new Carmichael Rotary Club Prez... Vicky Boatwright!