ImageActing Programs director Terry Sweeney introduced our speaker Dan Skillman who is Chief Administrator of the Windsor Care Center of El Camino.

Terry said that Dan had been in long term care for 10 years, and received his MBA degree from the University of Colorado.

Dan said that the facility, Windsor, has been around for a long time in Carmichael and used to be called the Fontainblu Care Center.

He said that they have 178 beds and take long care and short care patients. He said that they do many therapies there, with an elegant in-house restaurant, house keeping with a large staff and nursing with 3 shifts every day.
At Windsor, they have access to in-house physicians and their goal is to keep patients from having to go back to the hospital and if possible, to be able to go back home.
They have visiting specialists such as podiatrists, internists, urologists, etc. The goal is to provide
continuing care, from the hospital to their stay at Windsor and to provide monitoring of the patient after he/she goes home. They are very up to date with computers that monitor patients, electronic systems and 160 Kiosks in their facility that facilitate "state of the art" care. Thinking about "long term care" can be a complicated business, and insurance plans can be difficult to understand. Dan mentioned that he and his staff would be happy to answer any questions about the services that are provided, types of insurance available, in order for the patient and their family to make good informed decisions regarding future need. The Windsor Care Center of El Camino is located at 2540 Carmichael Way, Carmichael, 95608. Their Website is: To schedule an appointment, please call (916) 482-0465.

Kathleen Adams, who is Director of Marketing at Windsor, passed out some from "hand sanitizers" and then Acting President Vince Iosso, thanked Dan for his very informative presentation and informed him that in honor of his lecture, the Club is donating a book to the Carmichael library.



ImageTerry Sweeney and his guests, from left to right: Terry, Doug Haaland, Kathleen Adams, and Dan Skillman

Doug, by the way, is running for the State Assembly from our Carmichael District and will give a program for us in the near future.

Below (left) our Club in rapt attention. (right) 1/2 of Windsor's Brochure.